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If you are interested in being featured on Film Positivity, whether it’s a review, essay, feature, or anything film-related, please get in touch! Current paid commission opportunities listed below, a chance to get paid for writing about film!:

Paid Commissions: General Info

Essays (1500 words min, but can be as long as you think necessary) – £15
Reviews/Lists (500 words min, but can be as long as you think necessary) – £5

When it comes to pitches, I am open to anything, as long as it’s a piece on why you love or enjoy a particular film rather than focusing on the negative! Generally I am more interested in world, indie, and classic cinema, but if you want to pitch something about current Hollywood I’m happy to consider it also! If you’re looking for some more specific projects, see the Lesser Seen Cinemas description below:

Paid Commissions: Lesser Seen Cinemas Project

After taking a class which looked at the cinemas and film industries of smaller nations around the world, I got incredibly interested in the subject. Outside of class, I only really managed to look at Scotland in depth (resulting in this essay), but I have been left with a yearning to know more about other, lesser seen cinemas. The likes of Hollywood, Bollywood, Japan, France, England and so on are always talked about, what I want to learn about is those smaller industries. Even if the itself country might be big, its cinema might be small. I would love for you to tell me about it. That’s where the Lesser Seen Cinemas Project comes in. How is this small nation represented on screen, both at home and abroad? How does its industry work? What are some of its best films? Do you like it? Why, why not? Obviously, I wouldn’t expect you to answer all of these questions in a single piece, but it gives you an idea of some areas I am interested in hearing about. It doesn’t even have to be a country, it can be a region or area which you feel is neglected on the global cinema stage, or something completely out of left field, if you can make it fit with “Lesser Seen Cinemas”, I’ll probably be interested!

I can offer £15 for an essay fitting the Lesser Seen Cinema angle, and an additional £5 if you also want to write a list of films that exemplify your choice of Lesser Seen Cinema (like this one I did for Scotland). This would be paid through Paypal. Finding places to get paid for writing about film can be difficult, and I know it’s not a massive amount of money, but it’s all I can offer at the moment. Of course, your name/Twitter/whatever other socials will be included at the top of the piece as well!

Email graeme@filmpositivity.com with what you want to talk about, whether it is a pitch or a draft, or even just to ask for some more details. Include links to any other work you might have done, if applicable.


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